Jul 31

Virtual PV Summer Program – Delaware

PV John volunteers with a group called the Friends of Cape Henlopen. There usual work involves helping visitors borrow bikes from the bike barn to ride around the park when they visit. But because of the virus they had to shut that program down but have continued with a monthly Trail Day where they clean the beach and/or trails in the park. The picture was taken before they started a trail clean up.

The park is about 5200 acres and sits on the shore of the Delaware bay and the Atlantic ocean. John says any PV that wants to come visit this area needs to put Cape Henlopen State Park on their bucket list

FOCHSP TRAILS DAY 6132020[3406]

Jul 28

Virtual PV Summer Program – New Jersey

PVs Holly and Julia along with a newly recruited volunteer, Occupational Therapist Danielle, helped give their office a face lift at the hospital. The inpatient rehab department needed a little UPLIFT, especially after these past four months.  Their team of Physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and techs all share a small documentation space that was in well need of a change.  The fresh new walls gave everyone a little “joy and revival” after a dark time.

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Jul 24

Virtual PV Summer Program – Iowa

A PV in Iowa is keeping busy helping her community this summer…

She has been helping to coordinate and distribute boxes of food that Food Bank trucks bring are bringing in. The trucks are unloaded by the National Guard and then volunteers take it from there to get the food to where it is needed most.

She also took the time to give blood during a Red Cross Blood Drive. With Covid, the need is greater than ever.