It Is the Whole Experience

The volunteers wrapped up a successful week in West Virginia last Saturday. We highlighted a little bit of what they did at their home repair site already, but that is just one piece of their week. They also helped a local woman pack for a big move and they did numerous projects around the church, including replacing ceiling tiles and fixing sticky drawers and cabinets throughout.

The PV experience is not just service though, it is one of community and reflection. The group shared meals together each night and reflected on their days together. There was also fun and games, with card games and family feud, morning walks around Mullens and of course trips to Dairy Queen. On the final evening the volunteers hosted a community meal, inviting people from the church and from the local community.

We wanted to give a big thank you to Mullen United Methodist Church for hosting and Donna for being a wonderful presence with the volunteers. Also thank you to St. Vincent dePaul for their help and allowing us to use your van. And finally, a huge thank you to the volunteers who chose to take a chance and volunteer in this new version of the PVs. The week wouldn’t have happened if you all did not make that choice to “be a part of it.” And finally, a special thank you to Tricia for taking on the roll of point person and keeping everything rolling smoothly.

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