It’s the irony of service: you make the decision to do it because you want to help by giving your time and effort, but so often you end up getting so much more from your service than you could ever give. The PV Volunteer experience is three-fold. It is an experience of service, community and reflection. Each part as important as the the next. Every day volunteers go out in service, return home to share community time, and then finish the evening with reflection.

The PVs are able to offer volunteer experiences throughout the year in several geographic locations, working with diverse populations in various settings. It is our hope that there is an experience for everyone!


West Virginia  (June 23-July 20, 2019) Volunteer opportunities for 1-4 weeks are available in the summer. As a volunteer you DSCF0568may assist with home repair projects, help run a children’s camp, help at the St. Vincent DePaul warehouse, distribute food at the local food bank, play Banana Bingo at a a home for mentally challenged adults, or visit a local resident and listen to their stories. Each night the volunteer have the opportunity to choose their activity for the next day. The volunteer communities for this program are our largest, ranging in size from 20-40 volunteers at any given time.

Bedford Stuyvesant (Year Round) This site offers an opportunity for those living in the NYC an opportunity to connect and mentor young women through WEB (Womens Empowerment Brooklyn) a group that has meetings and activities throughout the year.

Seattle (April 28-May 4, 2019) Currently we have a 1 week experience offered in the spring. As a volunteer you will have the IMG_0472opportunity to work at a soup kitchen, to assist with the needs of organizations that work with the homeless, assist an organization serving the needs of young children, help with a community garden project that provides fresh produce to local food banks and work with the local Habitat for Humanity. The volunteer community for this program is capped at 10.

Aurora (September 2019) Currently we have a 1 week experience offered in the fall. As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to work with newly arrived refuges, assist with transitional housing projects in the area, as well as working at a soup kitchen and shelter.  The volunteer community for this program is capped at 10.


Prospective Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and be out of high school for one year. Families with children are eligible for West Virginia program.

Volunteers are required to provide their own transportation to and from the service site

Volunteers must be open and respectful of their fellow community members and with those we are serving. With a diverse group there are many thoughts, views, backgrounds and lifestyles. As a community we are focused on our common goal of service, community and reflection.

There is a suggested donation of $150 per individual or $300 for a family to help cover costs. This should not be a deterrent on whether or not one volunteers.


Direct Service

Room and Board

Leadership Development

Ability to work and live with diverse groups of people

Inspiration to go back and serve in our home communities


If you are interested in becoming a PV Volunteer, please begin by emailing us at pvprogram@gmail.com. We invite you to introduce yourself and your interests, and indicate which site you are interested in participating.

We will then email you an application packet which includes the application relevant to your service site and the reference form. Applicants must complete the application, have three people complete the reference forms and provide proof of medical insurance.

Once all the application materials are received, the final step is a phone interview.

If the applicant is invited to join the PVs they will be required to complete a background check before final acceptance.

The PV Volunteer program does not discriminate its opportunities or services based on race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability.