Jul 20

Virtual PV Summer Program – Olean, NY


Betty, a PV from upstate New York, and a group of volunteers help with weekly distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers to low income households at no cost to the residents. This program, known as Veggie Wheels, raises funds through fundraisers and grants that are then used to purchase fruits and vegetables. This program was the brainchild of one of their friends 6 years ago. Currently they provide the fruits and vegetables to 100-150 families or individuals each week throughout the summer months. Using their own cars, they pick up the fruits and vegetables which are then taken to a central area where they are bagged for distribution to five sites, three housing projects and two senior citizen homes.

Jul 16

#tbt – 2012 Wyoming County, WV


This group of PV kids (now are mostly adults!) from New Jersey, represents how one family’s experience can influence others to join. A mother and daughter volunteered in 1994 (not pictured) and talked about it to friends. That family then decided to volunteer and fast forward a couple years and two more families had joined the fold from hearing about the experience. This same story can be told so many in the PV family. You never know what might happen and who you might inspire when you volunteer! #beapartofit

Jul 03

Virtual PV Summer Program – Iowa

One of our PVs has been busy in her community in Iowa,,,

“First, is the food pantry where I work once a week. Although, it is closed down right now,  volunteers still deliver on a daily basis. We also have had food trucks come once a month to do delivery of food in the parking lot at the local high school and I  have worked at that too.
I have worked on the community improvement team to pretty up the public parking lots, by planting flowers in the spring and taking care of the plants all season long.  With the covid19  problems going on , it is a morale boost for people to see all the beautiful flowers in bloom right now.”