Wednesday Going-Ons

PVs went back to both their sites today. At the porch site they were able to attach the newly made gate which opened and closed perfectly! They were also able to fix the steps that needed repair and with the help of an electric sander and one very dedicated young volunteer, sanded the whole porch so it will be ready to paint tomorrow. This site is out in the Sunday and gets very hot by the afternoon, so they called it an early day.

The bathroom site continued to move along. Re-plumbing an entire room and basically redoing everything in it, takes a bit of time and a lot of patience. It ended up being a long day for the “bathroom crew,” as such the group decided to move their dinner out in Mullens up to today instead of Thursday.

The group decided to try a new restaurant in town, the Rusted Musket. They were joined by Donna and Melinda and Courtney, big time part of the PVs via the Mullens soccer camp. Sounded like the food was great. Between a late day at the sites, hot weather and a good meal volunteers were beat and headed pretty much right to bed : ) We did hear that the volunteers had a nice facetime call with longtime PVs, the Poirer family, who were in Kentucky volunteering in the areas recovering from tornadoes.

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