In an effort to offer a wide variety of service experiences for our volunteers, the PV Volunteer Program has sought out locations throughout the country, in both rural and urban settings. We choose locations that offer the best opportunity to fulfill our Mission. In particular, we look for areas that are under served by the government and/or other volunteer groups. Although acute needs are addressed, we especially seek out areas where chronic systemic problems exist. When a location seems to be a good fit with the PV Mission, we connect with local leaders to begin conversations as to whether a program, such as the PVs, would be of benefit to help with community identified needs in the area. This collaboration with the people and the agencies that are dealing with these needs day in and day out is what makes what the PVs do even possible. Their welcoming of our group is vital to our ability to fulfill our mission.



Wyoming County, West Virginia  This is our home-base and our roots. The PVs began in the Appalachian Mountains in 1973 and we continue to have a presence in the area.  Currently, we spend a large part of our summer in the area, as well as offering week long experiences during the year for groups.

Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York  The PVs have had a presence in Bedford Stuyvesant since 1998, mainly working with the youth in the area. Meeting during the year, the PVs run Womens Empowerment Brooklyn (WEB), a young womens mentoring program.  In August we also hold a day camp for children in the neighborhood.

Seattle, Washington  A new site in 2013 for the the PVs, currently we offer a week long experience in the spring with plans of offering additional weeks during the year for both individuals and groups.

Aurora, Illinois  Also a new site in 2013, we are currently offering a week long experience in the fall with possibilities of expansion.