It is the little things that make a difference

The PVs have always made it a point of emphasis in doing the smaller, but necessary jobs when it comes to home repair. This weeks volunteers are doing this to great effect, continue to do great things this week, in little ways. At the site they were able to patch two ceilings and two floors. Seemingly small jobs, but ones that will make a huge difference to the life of the home owner. She no longer has to avoid walking in certain areas of her house, or worry about parts of the ceiling coming down. The volunteers took it a step further though and added a coat of mildew blocking paint to the ceiling, which not only made it look fresh and clean, but will help keep her healthy. While working on the floor in the living room they noticed her front door didn’t open very well. She told them it hadn’t used in awhile because of it. Of course it took just a little finesse (and know how) and now it opens and closes smoothly, giving her not only the freedom to walk out her front door and use her front porch, but the safety of know she has two exits in case of an emergency. Small things that make a big difference…..

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