PV Aurora Week

Thank you to everyone who volunteered this summer in WV and to those that followed and supported from afar. We certainly felt like it wasn’t just our group in WV, but we brought you with us each day to the sites. With the smaller groups and having all the volunteers vaccinated, we were able to have a successful and most importantly, safe summer.

Now that summer is coming to a close, we are looking forward to the next PV service week in Aurora. After discussing with Bruce and Susan, our hosts in Aurora, we have decided to go ahead with our usual fall week. For this service opportunity we will again be requiring all volunteers to be vaccinated. Not only is it important for our community living, but Hesed House, where we spend a lot of our week volunteering with various programs, is requiring all their volunteers be vaccinated. The volunteer week will start at dinner on September 17th and run through the morning of the 23rd. If you are just itching to volunteer and weren’t able to come over the summer, this week would be a perfect fit for you! We do a variety of activities working with local agencies, all coordinated by Bruce and Susan who work for and with most of the social service agencies in the community. And as with all PV sites, the week will be all about community, service and reflection. We hope you can join us!

PVs in Aurora in 2019

PV Aurora Week Specifics

When: Sept 17-23

Where: Aurora, IL (about an hour outside of Chicago)

What: A variety of service activities with local social service agencies

Please let us know soon if would like to join us!!!

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