Another Great Week

The PVs had another great week in Wyoming County, West Virginia. On Friday we put the finishing touches on the ceiling at the house on the Welch-Pineville Road. We were not able to get to the last sanding and painting, but it still looks good. The best part of this site was having the home owner say that she had “piece of mind” now that her roof was no longer leaking. Just hearing what a load it took off her to no longer have a leaking roof and a ceiling fallin in, really just made our day, our week, our summer.

After we left the site we went to St. Vincent DePaul to put away all the tools and supplies we used this summer. Even though it was an abbreviated summer, the work the volunteers did was very impactful. And perhaps the best part of the summer was the people we worked for. It was a pleasure and an honor to meet them and work for them.

In the evening, we hosted a community dinner. We invited people from the community that have been a big part of our program, welcoming us, helping us to do the work we do. Wayne and Donna took care of the food prep for our dinner and the blessing before the meal was done by Rose from the Food Bank. We ended up have 22 people for dinner between the volunteers, our community partners and members of Mullens United Methodist Church where we stay.

After our guests left we gathered for our closing prayer service. The theme for the night was transformation. We have all had to go through so many transformations in life, but in particular this last year and half. They can be hard, but it is important to acknowledge them and learn and grow from them. Volunteers shared about their own transformations, in life and in their volunteer experience.

This wraps up our PV Summer Program in West Virginia. A HUGE thank you to the volunteers who travelled and came to particpate. In this world with so much uncertainty we appreciated you. Also a big thank you to Mullens United Methodist Church, and more specifically Donna, for allowing us to call you beautiful church home for this summer. We hope to be back again next summer.

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