Getting Down and Dirty

Today was a good day, if not a little dirty, hot and sweaty and buggy. We started work on a house on Pineville-Welch Road. She needs a new roof, but we are unable to do it for this summer due to lack of time and people, but we wanted to try and stop the water from getting in until we can get to her roof. We started to tarp the the top, tight and snug. Dealing with a tarp that size was a little unwieldy, not to mention the wasps that were not happy we were doing what we were doing, but we manage to get half of it tarped. Inside, a crew worked to replace part of the floor right inside the door that was really soft from the rain leaking in. As usual it was like doing a jigsaw puzzle to make all the pieces fit. All in all, a lot of good work was done and there are a lot of tired PVs tonight.

Dinner tonight was scrumptious as well. We had a southwestern salad with or without chicken, salad and homemade soda bread. I think it tasted extra good after a tiring day. We also had the pleasure of a stop by from Donna and had a great chat and catch-up.

Tonight’s reflection was about Joan of Arc. We learned about her life and her motivation to follow God’s plan. We were then asked to reflect on what God’s plan may be for us in life.

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