Thursday, July 16, 2009

Compassion is the radicalism of our time.

Dalai Lama

Last evening for reflection we made a PV shuffle on our I-PV (you know like an i-pod). We were asked to think of a song, or the more creative made up their own song title, that reflected our day and why. We went around the room, shared and created our own soundtrack for the day. The creativity among the PVs always astounds me!

Since we finished up so many sites yesterday, we needed to start two new sites. One was in Lilydale for a family that needs several things done throughout the house. Today’s crew replaced part of the kitchen floor and put a new roof on part of the house. We will be heading back again on Monday, but a lot was accomplished today. We also started a half day site for the soccer camp people for the afternoon. The project, rebuilding a set of steps, was simple and was accompolished in record time.

Work was continued on the site out in Simon. Tile was put down in the kitchen, a new counter top and sink were installed, as well as a new front door. Work also continued and was completed out in Long Branch at the site where we were dry walling and painting. Volunteers were told by the home owner that they would move the kids back into their bedroom tonight. All the volunteers who worked here should be proud!

And last but not least, soccer camp continued. Today we were welcomed by a newly mowed field. There is something so nice about playing soccer on freshly mowed grass. All and all it was a good day, but the kids were definetly a little more of a challenge today. We are looking forward to finishing up with a bang tomorrow.

I’m almost late for dinner….we are having ham for the meat eaters and veggie tofu stir fry for the vegetarians.

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