Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sundays are traditionally Community Day in the PV world. This week we had a full day together, starting out with the group attending services at New Life Church in Jesse. This church is very active in the community with a lot of social outreach happening. They have collaborated with St. Vincent DePaul and the Itmann Food Bank in the past and they are very interested in wanting to collaborate with us as much as possible. We met with them a few weeks back and besides talking about collaborating with work, they extended an invitation for us to join them for their services. Holy Cross did not have services this Sunday due to Fr. Jack being out of town, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity. We felt very welcomed and a part of the community.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat back at the school, we loaded into the cars and headed up to Twin Falls for a hike to the falls. The walk afforded lots of time for good conversation and lots of laughs. The fall were quite impressive this trip, lots of water pouring through due to heavy rains over the weekend. After we finished the hike some of the group went swimming up at the lodge while others headed back to the school.

We were treated with a departure from our regular Sunday meal when a couple of volunteers asked if they could cook dinner. It was a very tasty meal of kabobs and veggie soup, amazingly enough all done on the grill!

After a quick reorientation for the PVs who arrived over the weekend, we gathered together for the commissioning service, to officially welcomed and prepare the newly arrived for service. Sundays are usually a very full, but relaxing day. We are now ready for the upcoming work week!

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