Thursday, July 9th

We are actually writing our first days blog! Last night we had a wonderful reflection on our goals and struggles symbolized by a mountain. In the evening we had an impromptu singing around the campfire (minus the campfire) with three guitars and lots of singers. We will try and post pictures and video later.

Today we finished up the painting/plumbing site on top of Hernden Mountain that we started on the first day of the program. Lots of hard work and love went into making this house even better. I think the volunteers will miss playing with the puppies!

We also continued work on a house we started at the beginning of the week, working along site a couple who is trying to get custody of their grandchildren. They had already started the two additions that were needed and just needed a helping hand to finish them off. We had a wonderful week working on this house and look forward to finishing it off next week.

Finishing touches were done at two sites we worked on yesterday, a porch roof in Long Branch and loading up the last few bags of debris from a recently demolished trailer in Lilydale. The latter is now ready for a new trailer to be brought in!!!

A new site today was a house in Pineville that need a new porch roof and floor. As per PV experience, the project ended up being much larger than we initially thought. Lots of progress was made and we will head back on Monday.

The final crew, based at the school, had lots of small, but important projects. They were able to paint in the school as asked by the Principal and do some prep work (moving the field and assembling the goals) for the soccer camp that begins on Monday. Also as per PV experience, as soon as 3/4 of the field was mowed a gentleman with a riding lawn mower pulled up to mow all the grounds!

Just as crews returned back to the school we had a torrential downpour that is continuing as we speak. It is suppose to be a fast moving storm, so no threat of flooding, thank goodness.

We are getting ready to feast on a yummy dinner of homemade pizzas.. yum, yum!!!

Until tomorrow….

One thought on “Thursday, July 9th

  1. Sounds like another busy day … Jill I need to add this link to the website, eh? I think this is a great idea because it’s a little like the journal notebook you all had some years back, which recapped each day’s or week’s events and upon looking back at it is a great resource for practicality, spirituality and just plain old good memories!