I recently went to WV with my daughter, Mary and her college friend, Rebecca, to be a part of the spring break trip. When we arrived in WV, we were welcomed by Jill and Jenny and the Holy Cross College group from MA. This time, like all the other times I have volunteered in WV, the people  I met while I was there are all very special treasures. The college students were all so eager to help the people of WV in any way they could. The week we were there together, we helped the teachers at head start, we helped Debbie rearrange St. Vincent DePaul and we worked in Hanover on a couple of homes that were affected by the flood of last spring. No matter what job we were asked to do, we were willing to be a part of it.

Some people may ask what it means to “be a part of it”. For me, to “be a part of it”  means to share laughter, frustrations, and fellowship with all whom I encounter.

By “being a part of it”  I think you receive a feeling that is not  achieved from your  routine life at home until you have experienced life as a PV.

I know it was a special privilege for me to be in WV over spring break to help me stay connected. But staying connected with the PVs can be done in many different ways. One way is to log in on the PV Blog. Or you could be involved  by taking part in fundraisers which help support our PV program. This coming summer will be another special time in the lives of PVs when we move to a new location. There will be ups and downs, tears and laughter,  but there will be many special feelings that can only come by” BEING A PART OF IT”.

-Daniel Schletzbaum

Besides helping with college break trips and helping to coordinate the home repair projects each summer, Dan, his wife Lucy, and their three children have been coming to West Virginia each summer since 1993. Dan is also a member of the PV Board of Directors.