Jul 03

Virtual PV Summer Program – Iowa

One of our PVs has been busy in her community in Iowa,,,

“First, is the food pantry where I work once a week. Although, it is closed down right now,  volunteers still deliver on a daily basis. We also have had food trucks come once a month to do delivery of food in the parking lot at the local high school and I  have worked at that too.
I have worked on the community improvement team to pretty up the public parking lots, by planting flowers in the spring and taking care of the plants all season long.  With the covid19  problems going on , it is a morale boost for people to see all the beautiful flowers in bloom right now.”
Jun 29

Virtual Summer Program – Florida

Today would have been the first work day of the 2020 PV Summer Program. While it is strange not to be in West Virginia right now, we know PVs are doing great things in their own communities so we wanted to spotlight that.


To kick it off, here is what Karen, a summer and year long PV from Florida is up to…


I had never heard of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul until my year in West Virginia. When I moved back to Florida in 2007, I became a member at my church. We’ve had to adjust to new ways of helping people because of the virus. Instead of home visits, we meet outside our office socially distanced and masked or by phone. Not quite as personal but effective.

Jun 23

PV Program Update and Introducing a Virtual PV Summer Program


As we roll towards the end of June, now is the time we would usually be ramping up final preparations for the PV West Virginia Summer Program. But as with so many things in life, things aren’t “normal” this summer. We are hoping you and your families have been safe and well these last few months and that you are taking care of yourself and your loved ones. While the picture is still not clear enough to know if we will be able to having some volunteer weeks available in the fall, that is still our hope. We will let you know as soon as we feel we can move forward in the planning.

VIRTUAL PV SUMMER PROGRAM:  Be a PV in your own community this summer

Since we will not be coming together to live in community, serve and reflect this summer, we want to encourage you to do some volunteer activity/project in the your own community in the name of the PVs. You have heard us say it many times, that PV volunteer experience isn’t just the week or two weeks you are immersed in the PVs, but to be inspired and bring that experience and what you have learned back to your own communities.

If it is safe and you are able, we would love for you to put on that PV shirt and a mask and maybe gather a couple of friends and family members and make a difference in your hometown. If you need to stay home to be safe, maybe tackle that project in your home or yard that will put your PV skills to use. Be creative!  We would love for you to share your pictures and your project so we can share them on our website and celebrate our PV family doing good this summer. It won’t quite be like being together in West Virginia, but it will be a way to connect. All are encouraged to take part, whether you were planning on coming this summer or not, whether you have volunteered recently or not, let try to get as many people involved as possible. There are certainly a lot of people and organizations who could use an extra hand right now, let’s be that hand reaching out!

Please don’t forget to share with us what you are doing, so we can share with everyone. I know you don’t want to toot your own horn, but we think it would be pretty amazing to see all the great work that will be done across the country and maybe the world…Besides, usually during any program we are posting each day, and the content has been slim these days : )