The Sun Sets On Another Great Week With NIU

In serving others we discover a lot about ourselves. This sentiment was echoed many times this week by the students from NIU. They wrapped up their week of service helping with Distribution Day at the Itmann Food Bank. They were each assigned a task at the beginning of the day including checking people in, distributing books and running carts of food to people’s cars. They were able to interact with the residents and the local volunteers.

After they wrapped up at the Food Bank the group decided to go exploring the beautiful landscapes of Wyoming County. They hiked up to the overlook in Mullens and explored further in Twin Falls State Park. After the week that they had, they enjoyed the sunshine a warmer temperatures.

After the exploring, we all gathered together for dinner and a closing reflection up at Twin Falls. It is always wonderful and inspiring to hear about the week and how the experience changed and affected everyone. The group was quite impressive. Not only were they willing to do anything that was asked of them, they were flexible when we had to keep changing plans due to weather, and they did it all with joy and laughter. The Newman Center at NIU should be proud of the group they put together this year.

We also wanted to thank all those who welcomed us and help set up our service activities for the week. Thank you to Made New Church/They Way for allowing us to stay with you and for the wonderful dinner on Wednesday night. To Arnie and Kathy for providing the students the chance to work at the Itmann Food with you. To Debbie for providing the home repair site and for providing the service day at St. Vincent dePaul. We would also like to thank Dan for volunteering to head up the home repair project for the week and for sharing all your knowledge and presence with everyone. It truly takes a village to make it all work.

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