For a record third day (at least for a PV-NIU spring break trip), we woke up to more snow. Schools were canceled, therefore Head Start was canceled….again. And again, we called on everyone to be flexible and as always, everyone was.  We had planned for a small group to go to the Food Bank to help with some data entry that needed to be done and well and put the final touches on organizing for distribution day.

The Head Start crew joined the home repair crew for a snowy day of work on the ramp. We delayed starting for an hours to let the highways clear, but there was still plenty of snow on the ground and on our ramp build. No only that, but it snowed quite a bit during the day. One of the students mentioned at one point it felt like we were in a snow globe, and there couldn’t have been a better description. Luckily everyone was more than will to be cold to get as much work done as we could so that we can make sure to finish it for the home owner by the end of the week.

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After sites we were all treated to a wonderful dinner by the Made New Community, who make The Way their home. They had mentioned that they wanted to do a cookout to thank the students for spending their spring break serving others. We thought they were crazy with the weather, but it was delicious and it was a wonderful evening spent in fellowship.

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