PV WV – Week Four – Thursday

Start where you are. Distant fields always look greener, but opportunity lies right where you are. Take advantage of every opportunity of service. – Robert Collier

Today was the final day of the home repair program in West Virginia this summer. We were able to wrap up all the sites successfully. The site in Covel finished up with finishing a beautiful porch roof over part of the back porch area. Not only was the construction of the roof completed, but two of our younger PVs created a climbing wall up the mountain, complete with stepping stones, for the home owner’s young son. The volunteers had a great time at the site, on the family will now be able to enjoy some nice shade and protection on their porch.

We also finished up the site in Bud. Today the volunteers put a top on the back porch and worked inside installing a ceiling fan and fixing the kitchen sink, which had not had hot water for quite some time. The lady when lives in the trailer was happy with the work the volunteers did in such a short time. A crew that did the inside work in Bud also ran over to the site in Cabin Creek to check on the hot water heater. We were happy to report that all was working well and no fine tuning was needed.

We also sent volunteers to work at Energy Express to help with the programs for the kids. All summer long the volunteers had a great time working with the kids. All were impressed with the quality of program and look forward to helping next year.

We had a great dinner tonight. We had a hamburger cookout, pasta salad, regular salad, mixed veggies and enchilada surprise. Everything was delicious. I have to say, we really did eat well this week, a big variety of vegetables at every meal.

For reflection, the volunteer leading it read the bible verse about one body, many parts and how we each have an important role as volunteers. We were asked to share a time today that we say someone else doing something good and helpful.

After reflection we had a community game of soccer. We didn’t last quite as long as we did during the basketball game, but we had a great time. After that game, many in the community played a round of Wits and Wagers. As the saying goes, a community that plays together stays together : )


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