PV WV Summer – Week Three – Wednesday

In a gentle way, you can shake the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

Today was a day that proved the importance of having flexibility. We were set to start a new site today, but when we showed up the home owner was not home. After knocking on several doors, we were told by a neighbor that the owner was away for the day. Plan B… The crew from that site went back to The Way to do a little bit of dinner prep for later, and then went to help out at the big site on Cabin Creek.

Our other site that was supposed to be a quick finishing job ended up needed a few more supplies then was initially thought and they had to call it a little early and they too ended up at the site on Cabin Creek.

With the majority of the volunteers at this one home repair site, a lot of work was able to be done. Most of the living room ceiling is now in place and the wall is framed out. Another crew worked at trimming the window and door, while a third tore up the flooring in the laundry room where we will be replacing the floor and water heater. Work will continue tomorrow.

The crew that went to Energy Express in the morning had a great time doing an arts and crafts project with the kids and then came home to tear up some tiles in the foyer of The Way, a project that we were asked to do while we were here this summer. While they are not all up, already it looks great.

We had a cookout for dinner tonight. Our PV who is a butcher in Minnesota brought with him ground beef so the hamburgers were made from this. We also had potato salad and baked beans. A great summer time meal that tasted oh so good.

Tonight’s reflection was centered around looking at what motivates us, and in particular, what motivates us to do service. It was wonderful to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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