PV WV Summer – Week 4 – Wednesday

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. – Maya Angelou

As the sun rose and the fog burned off, the day became a warm one. The heat did not stop the crew from working hard and having a great time. We finished up, for the most part, at our site in Cabin Creek. There were lots of small touches that needed to be completed. Everything looks great. We will be returning there tomorrow to do a little troubleshooting with the water heater, but after that we have wrapped everything up.

We started two new sites today as well. One group worked in Bud at an elderly lady’s home. We put on aluminum roof coating on top of the trailer, a task that has been part of the PV experience for years, but one we don’t do as much in the past few years. We also had a crew inside looking at a plumbing issue in the kitchen and a ceiling fan that was not working. We will be returning tomorrow to finish up the work inside and building a small porch roof over her back steps.

The other new site for today was in Covel for a family that lives up on the side of a mountain in a beautiful setting. We started to build a porch roof over an existing porch/patio. When completed this roof will give the family a nice area of shade.

A group of PVs also went to Energy Express. Today they had a special guest reader who was also a hulu-hooper. She read the kids a book about hulu-hooping, showed the kids her moves, and let them try. After the volunteers went into the different rooms and read with the kids.

We had a Mexican feast for dinner tonight, enchilada’s 4-ways: veggie, vegan, meat and meat and veggie. We also had a zucchini saute made from zucchini’s given to us by our friends from Cabin Creek. It was so delicious. For dessert we had chocolate cake a strawberries, chocolate chips and lots of other goodness.

Reflection tonight was centered around the song “The Rose.” We were asked to share a rose, a bud and a thorn.

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