PV WV Summer – Week 4 – Tuesday

Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others. – Rosa Parks

Today was a hot and humid day in the mountains of West Virginia, but the volunteers push forwarded and worked hard. We were able to finish up two sites today. The site in Black Eagle wrapped up nicely as the volunteers continued to replace railings and put non-slip tread on the new steps from yesterday. The other task for today was to scrape and paint the underside of the porch roof. The finished product looked great.

The other site that finished up today was the porch roof site in Alpoca Bottom. Today the group just had to install the metal and replace a few floor boards. They were done by lunchtime. The group then headed back to The Way to continue to remove the floor tiles in the front entry area. They had that job done in no time! One of the volunteers also helped to tar a leaky roof from earlier in the summer.

The third home repair site in Cabin Creek continued to make great progress. The laundry room was finished and the eave work pretty much is done. Tomorrow we will be returning to finish up so odds and ends and spend some more time with the family.

We were also able to send a group to Energy Express again to help out with the kids. The group had a great time again reading to the kids, and spending time one-on-one with them.

Dinner tonight was delicious. Quinoa and black beans and chicken, and lots of veggies. For dessert we were treated to dump cake and ice cream. As usual, we are eat well as PVs (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches included!)

Reflection tonight was a treat as well. Our talented, musical PVs took the classic “May the Circle Be Unbroken” and created PV specific verses. After the wonderful song, we were ask to share something that is classic PV for us, a memory and moment that encapsulates our idea of being a PV.

After reflection (and dessert) our two youngest PVs this week invited everyone to play a game of basketball together. They organized it and picked teams. It ended up being a lot of fun. Everyone took part either playing, cheering the teams on, or keeping score. I think there may be some sore bodies tomorrow, at least for the older ones of us who played : )

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