PV WV Summer – Week 4 Begins

There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.  – Han Suyin

Today we began the final week of this summer’s West Virginia program. It is always a bittersweet time knowing that our time in the beautiful mountain state is coming to a close. But with that said, we still have a lot to do this week. Our volunteers for this week arrived  this Sunday coming from Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, Florida and Ohio, joining volunteers who are already here from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are looking forward to another great week.

This morning we returned to our friends in Cabin Creek to continue to work in the laundry room and begin the little bit of work we have on the outside. Slowed by a lack of ladder, who’s arrival was delayed even longer due to an ailing PV Pick up, the group accomplished a lot. We look forward to going back tomorrow and continuing work.

We also returned to the site we began last week in Alpoca Bottom where we put on a new porch roof. We began to install a small porch roof over the back patio to help keep it clear of ice and snow when the weather gets bad. The crew made a lot of progress and are pretty much ready for the metal tomorrow.

A third home repair crew began work on a new site in Black Eagle, just up the road and conveniently located close to the DQ. Today they replayed decking and risers on a long set of steps that were beginning to rot and break a part. The group worked great together and accomplished a lot. Tomorrow we will continue there replacing some of the hand rails and scraping and painting part of the porch ceiling.

Today a group also went to Energy Express and worked with the kids. One volunteer was the guest reader, reading the kids three books and the other two volunteers helped to assemble backpacks full of donated school supplies that will be given to the kids. Each time volunteers go to Energy Express they always come back talking about what a great program it is and how wonderfully it is run. We are grateful for the opportunity to do our little part.

We had a tasty dinner tonight with lots of yummy veggies!! We had chicken and mashed potatoes, roasted vegetable and mushrooms, all with lots of fresh rosemary and garlic. Yummy! For dessert, our friend from Mullens who has been bringing us apples, instead brought us a freshly baked apple crisp and it was delicious!

Since it is the beginning of the week, reflection tonight was another chance to get to know each other a little better creating a sharing our biography poem. We also did the PV traditional “New and Good” sharing allowing everyone to talk a little bit about their day. These reflections are always a great time to come together as a community.


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