PV WV Summer Week 2 – Thursday

We convince by our presence.  -Walt Whitman

Today we went back to continue working on the site in Green Camp. We were able to get on the roof first thing to put tar down to make sure the water had no place to get in. On the ground the crew continued to sand and re-mud where it was needed. They were also able to start painting were the mud was dry and ready. We also did some work on the underside of the porch roof where the water leaking from the top had damaged the wood. We pulled down most of the bad parts and started replacing the wood. Right as we were wrapping things up for the day there was a torrential downpour. It was quite the test for the roof, and happily it doesn’t seem to have any leaks, yay!!!

Dinner tonight was quite a smorgasbord of food. We had meatloaf, a baked potato bar, 3 bean salad and Irish Soda bread. Yum yum! You can never say we don’t eat well here.

During reflection tonight we talked about our journeys as pilgrims through this life, as well as how we can be an advocate for those we meet and share our experiences once we get back home.

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