PV WV Summer – Final Day

People of different faiths, like yours and mine, sometimes wonder where we can meet in common purpose, when there are so many differences in creed and theology. Surely the answer is that we can meet in service, in shared moral convictions about our nation stemming from a common worldview. – Mitt Romney

Today was the last day of the West Virginia Summer Program. Where did the time go??? Today was distribution day at the Itmann Food Bank so a group of volunteers went there to help distribute food. While helping, the volunteers saw a lot of people they knew from sites from this year and years past. After they were finished there, the group came back to The Way to help clean.

The other group of volunteers spent their morning helping to pack up all of our stuff and move it down to St Vincent dePaul where we store it for the year. Each year everything becomes more and more streamlined and efficient. We couldn’t do it without everyone’s help whether by packing, moving or cleaning.

In the afternoon some volunteers went to Glen Rogers Manor to spend time with the residents. They played Banana BINGO, painted nails and sang songs. Both the volunteers and the residents had a great time. Some others that stayed back went on a hike to the top of Tator Hill in Mullens. The beauty of the nature surrounding us here is inspiring.

Because we packed up all of our stuff, tonight is pizza night in PVland. It is a special treat for all the hard work the volunteers did today, and all of this week. After dinner we gathered for our final reflection and closing prayer service of the summer.

Thank you to all who spent time with us this summer. Because of you, lives were touched and changed.

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