PV in Aurora

The Aurora PVs all arrived safely last night and after a community meal and commissioning we were all ready for the adventure that is ahead.

We awoke early this morning to go help with Hesed House’s annual fundraising walk/hike. The PVs helped to set up the welcoming area and then were given different tasks from being out on the the hike holding signs sharing all the wonderful things that Hesed House does in the community, taking pictures of the many hikers and even giving the participating dogs a special goodie bag. At the end of the day we helped to tear everything down. By all accounts it was a successful event, raising the most money in the 13 years they have been doing the event.

In the afternoon we went to the site where we will be building a ramp this week. We needed to lay out the ramp and get it ready to start to build. It is going to be quite a project, but we are excited to help the family.

For dinner tonight we had a yummy tuna noodle casserole, corn on the cob (fresh of the Schletzbaum farm) and a delicious raspberry dessert. Yummy, yummy!!

We wrapped up the evening with a reflection on healing, how we were healed today or something we needed help in healing.



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