May 05

Warm, Safe and Dry

This is the mission of Westside Baby where the PVs worked today. Westside Baby is the only social service agency in the western King County area that collects, inspects and distributes free diapers, clothing, cribs, and safety gear for babies and children. Our group of eight were given two tasks for the day. The first was to unbox 6 pallets of donated car seats and prepare them for distribution. After that task was done we helped to pull orders that were placed by partner agencies throughout the area for kids with needs. The orders included clothes, toys, books, car seats, diapers and anything else that a child may need. In all we were able to help pull about 100 orders while we were there. Westside Baby has been doing a lot of wonderful work in the county for years and we were happy to help once again.

Putting the orders together

Picking out just the right clothes

Some of the 100 orders we pulled

The PV crew for the day























After our service day was done, we had a picnic in Lincoln Park in West Seattle. While it wasn’t really warm, the weather was still beautiful and it was great to sit and eat outside. After the picnic, we headed back to our home base for a closing reflection on our service week. We each shared some of the most impact moments of the week. By all accounts it was a good week, a week of experiences that we won’t soon forget.

Picnic lunch in the park

Jitterbug, our PV greeter for the week. Always there to greet us after a hard day’s work















Before the night was done, we decided to head back to downtown for one last Seattle experience, going to the top of the Smith Tower, Seattle’s highest skyscraper in 1962. After taking in breathtaking views we went to another Seattle staple, Ivar’s seafood restaurant on the waterfront. Good food, good friends, great week!

PVs at Ye Ol’ Curiosity Shop

Goodnight, one final time in Seattle. Thank you for a great week!


May 04

From Morning to Night

Today was our long day as we spent the morning at Mary’s Place prepping and serving a meal and the evening with the Union Gospel Mission and their Search and Rescue Van bringing food and supplies to the homeless and people living in RVs and tents. Since it is late and the day was long, I will let the pictures speak for the great day we had.

Meal prep at Mary’s Place

Taco bar for lunch at Mary’s Place

Ice Cream bar at Mary’s Place

The whole PV crew at Mary’s Place

Grabbing a quick dinner downtown

Getting ready to leave on our Union Gospel Mission Night Rescue Van

May 03

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

We had another great day today, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. We spent the service part of the day at St. Francis House in Seattle. St. Francis House was established 50 years ago in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi to be a presence in Seattle to serve those in need and to inspire simplicity and charity in its volunteers and those they serve. The ten PVs worked alongside their regular volunteers for the day. We were each given different tasks in different areas ranging from greeting the people when they came in and offering them sandwiches, doughnuts and coffee, to helping people find clothing and housewares that they needed, to sorting donations in the back to get them out and available. This was the 5th year that the PVs lent a hand and as always were inspired by the volunteers and the organization.

PV Lunch Break

Sorting through donations in the back room

Sorting through clothes in the kids room

The Local PV Crew

Our Minnesota PVs
























After our day at St. Francis House, it was time for a little sightseeing. We went to the Seattle Center where the Worlds Fair was held in 1962, also the home of the Space Needle. We then headed a little north to the neighborhood of Ballard and went to the Ballard Locks. The locks help boats get from the lakes to the sound, or visa-versa, where the water levels are different. (Think Panama Canal on a smaller scale.) After the locks we decided to eat at an old favorite, Totem House Fish and Chips. It was delicious and allowed us to miss the traffic through downtown. Once we got to back West Seattle is was just about sunset so we had to take in the views and the beauty of the sun setting over the Olympic Mountains and the sound.

Dinner at the locks

Goodnight from Seattle…