Apr 20

Food for Thought Friday – April 20th

HAPPY VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION WEEK!!!  Thank you to every PV who has given of their time to help others. Because there is people like you out there who care, the world is a kinder place. A special shout out to the ladies in this picture. They first encountered the PVs as campers at our PEACE Camp in Bedford Stuyvesant, formed a young women’s empowerment group with the PVs and have gone on to be volunteers and shining examples in their community. We are so proud of you!!!

Apr 19

Throwback Thursday – 1999

Our Throwback Thursday post takes us back to 1999 and this wonderful group of people, the PV Steering Committee at our annual spring meeting. Don’t quite remember what the hats and glasses were all about, but these guys were willing to go along with it and we love them for it!!!

Mar 29

#TBT Throwback Thursday

We have been posting older pictures on our Instagram account for Throwback Thursday and thought we would share them here as well. We recently uncovered a treasure trove of pictures from 1992-early 2000’s. We are looking forward to sharing our history with you.

#tbt This group picture was taken the Friday after the big flood in Wyoming County in 2001. Immediately after the flood, Glen Fork Elementary was turned into a Red Cross shelter and a distribution center. Volunteers pitched in wherever they could even when we did not have running water or working bathrooms. Kudo’s to these volunteers and all who came after them to pitch in under less than ideal circumstances.

Mar 26

2018 PV Reunion

It was like a family reunion in New Jersey this weekend. Volunteers from the greater NY/NJ/PA area gathered to reminisce about old times, catch up on each others lives, and talk about the future of the program. While the temperatures were on the cooler side and we just missed a snowstorm that came through a day before, we had blue skies and sunshine. Of course this meant after meeting for a little while, we took a trek down to the ocean in Bradley Beach to take in the beauty.

In the evening we  took a short drive to Wall where we were joined by more PVs and were treated to a wonderful evening of food, friendship and fellowship. It is always wonderful to reconnect with volunteers. It is really amazing how we live our own lives most of the year, but that one connection of being a PV is so strong that when we see each other it is as no time has passed.

We cannot thank enough our hosts for the weekend, Wayne and Jo. Between the two of them, they house us, they feed us and welcome us with warmth and the most wonderful hospitality. We would not be able to have this weekend without them.

Thank you to everyone who came. You made the weekend special!!!

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