Jun 21

PV Summer Program Begins Sunday

Starting Sunday, volunteers from all over the country we begin to arrive in Wyoming County, West Virginia to give part of their summer to help others. If you are joining us, we can’t wait to see you!!! If you can’t join us, we hope you will follow along on our adventures and send lots of love, prayers and good vibes our way for a safe and productive summer. It takes all of us to keep this thing going!!!

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May 28

Garage Sale Success!!!

Last month Yvonne and Bernice, two of our PVs from Charles City, Iowa, held a garage sale, with proceeds benefiting the PV Volunteers. This is the third year of the sale and I asked if they would share any insight they had for others wanting to replicate the idea in their area.

As for some words of wisdom on what we do for the garage sale, this is the third one we have done. We live in such a small rural community it is hard for us to hold a huge fund raiser, especially with very limited help and the fact that no one here has heard of the PV’s. Garage sales go well here in the spring/summer, so that what we decided to do. We try collecting things from family, friends and ourselves with the knowledge that what we collect will go to the PV’s. The first year I was moving and down sizing and we had a lot of things to sell and it encourage others to think of that too, so we had a lot of items. This year Bernice was lucky to know a lady that was moving too and we got items from her, besides our own. We make it easy for ourselves by ticketing any large items , like furniture, etc. the rest we just sort out and put on tables labeled with a sign of the price, like $1, $2, etc. no pricing necessary to save time. We even have some small tables of 25 cents, 50 cents too. We also post a sign that all proceeds go to charity.

We hope these words of wisdom inspire you to do something similar in your own community! Thank you Yvonne and Bernice!!!