Aug 03

Monday, August 3, 2009

Keep doing good deeds long enough, and you’ll probably turn out a good man in spite of yourself.

Louis Auchincloss

Today marks the beginning of the last week of the summer program in West Virginia. It is amazing that we have been here for two months!!!

We may be smaller in number this week, 18, but we are a mighty force! This week, we are finishing up with the home repair sites that we have committed to. Our biggest crew was sent out to finish up a ramp in Cyclone that was started by a St. Vincent DePaul group from Pittsburgh. It is a long one, so there is still a lot to do.

We also sent out two smaller crews, one to finish up on Bud Mountain and the other to organize at St. Vincent DePaul. In addition, another small group (ok just the two directors) began the packing up process at the school.

Tonight for dinner we are being treated to Wimpy’s. I’ve never had them before, but I’m told they are a lot like Sloppy Joe’s. Sounds good to me!!!