NIU- Tuesday March 14

Well, we didn’t wake up to the expected snow, but it did end up snowing all day. It made for a beautiful scene and the roads stayed clear so we were able to still move around fine. The Head Start crew had another great day working with the kids in Baileysville. Not only do they have a great time, but Head  Start gets additional funding for every volunteer hour. A win-win!

A second group went to the St. Vincent dePaul warehouse to organize and clean. By the end of the day the warehouse looked fantastic and ready for furniture distribution tomorrow.

The third group had more of a surprise day. when they arrived at the home repair site, the home owner was sick and asked if we could not work today and come back tomorrow. Of course this was fine! The group went to St. Vincent de Paul to prep and collect some materials for the site and then helped to organize one of our storage areas. Their hard work will help us find our supplies this summer!

Big thanks to the students for their flexibility today! Looks like tomorrow may be a challenge as well. below freezing temperatures and more snow snow showers. It’s an adventure!

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