NIU Have Arrived!!!

Just after 10pm last night, 12 NIU students navigated the final turns through the mountains and arrived at their home for the week, The Way Youth Center in Mullens, West Virginia in Wyoming County. These students are part of a long and rich history of collaboration between the PV Volunteers and Northern Illinios University, dating back to 1999 when the first group of stundents travelled the same roads into the county.

After a short night sleep due to the late arrival  and the time change, the group went to St. John’s for Mass in the morning. After Mass we headed back to The Way where the students were welcomed with a breakfast and fellowship time with the church community who uses The Way for their services. The rest of the day was spent building community and preparing for the week ahead with an orientation and commissioning prayer service.

Follow along for daily updates and enjoy the adventures that are ahead!

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