It Was a Bright, Bright Sun-Shiny Day

Finally, the weather cooperated… We awoke this morning to sunshine and warmer temperatures. The schools were not delayed or canceled, so five students were able to go to Head Start and spend time with the kids. We are very thankful to Wyoming County Head Start for allowing the students to spend part of their week with them. They always have the best stories of their time with the kids and teachers.

The rest of the group went to Wyco to finish up the ramp. The sunshine and warmer weather led to jackets being taken off, hats and gloves removed and a much more pleasant work experience. The ramp ended up looking great and more importantly is sturdy as can be. Not only will it help the home owner get in and out of his house, but it will make life easier on his caregivers who often take him to doctors appointments and the like and had to carry him down the steps. We all really enjoyed working with the family and look forward to coming back and visiting.

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