Give Light and People Will Find the Way

“Give light and people will find the way.”   Ella Baker

This quote is very literal for one of our sites this week, as we are trying to give light back to a home owner whose electricity isn’t working in her house. We are inching closer to making her life a little easier and eliminating the extension cords that she is using right now to get light and electricity where she needs it. While the electrical work was being done, volunteers continued to work on replacing the two windows in the kitchen. They are now both in, just some finishing work needs to be completed. The final project done there today was removing the moss that had built up on her back deck making it very slippery and dangerous. A little bleach and a lot muscle later, she has a beautiful, clean deck.

The volunteers that did the moss removal in the afternoon spent their morning helping at the Itmann Food Bank. The Food Bank had received donations of toiletries that they wanted to get organized and put away before the next distribution day. While there they also helped with general organizing, sorting and folding clothes. Their help was very much appreciated.

After the productive day, we had a wonderful dinner that included chicken, cheesy, garlic, asparagus mashed potatoes and corn on the cob dinner. Oh, and as usual ice cream for dessert!

Reflection tonight was based around books. We were asked to think of a book we’ve read that had a theme that relates to our work in West Virginia. It was interesting to hear about the books everyone shared and how they connected them to our work. Needless to say each our reading lists got longer tonight.

Scrubbing the moss away

Sharing photos on the porch

Devising a plan of attack for the electrical work

Window in and insulated, next up… trim

Itmann Food Bank organizing

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