Friday Food For Thought

I am grateful for all that this year has given me, including the lessons it has given to my soul.

This year I will be kinder and more compassionate to myself and to all beings.

I will stop being so hard on me.

I will laugh more.

I will unplug more.

I will shift into my heart more.

I will make the time to connect to the Divine and feed my spirit.

I will let go of the small stuff.

I will surround myself with uplifting people and activities.

This is my truth and so it is. Amen.

― Eileen Anglin

During the summer program, each day the volunteers are given an inspirational quote to think about during the day. We decided to expand that and offer up a quote each Friday on our website and we are calling it our “Friday Food For Thought.” Today is the first Friday of 2017, so no better time to start.

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