Every moment and every event…

“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.”  Thomas Merton

Today was another good day in PV land. We returned to the site in Itmann to continue working on the windows and the electricity. A lot of great progress was made and we should be able to wrap it up tomorrow. Today the home owner was very generous in providing the volunteers with pizza for lunch. It was appreciated and delicious!

The new site for today was out in Glen Fork. Unfortunately there was a family emergency and the home owners were not there when we arrived to begin work. In true PV style, the volunteers were flexible and pivoted their work day to St. Vincent dePaul. They spent time organizing the warehouse and collecting supplies for next week’s sites. After sharing lunch at SVDP the volunteers made a garbage and ladder pick up run to the Itmann site.

Since we have collected quite a bit a leftovers, we had a potpourri night for dinner. We enjoyed every previous nights dinner, along with leftover pizza from lunch, just as much as the first time around. After dinner we made a group run to Dairy Queen, the PV tradition continues!!!

We closed out the evening with reflection. Tonight we reflected on our assumptions and judgements toward people and how we could try and be a little kinder and gentler to each other and where everyone is coming from. Always a good reminder.

WV morning mist

DQ run!!!

Wiring in the attic, not a clean job, nor cool job


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