Back the In Saddle Again

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

                                                                              Francis of Assisi

Today’s home repair site was a bit like visiting an old friend. We returned to a house in Itmann that we worked on twelve years ago. It was a fun homecoming for both the home owner and the volunteers, as many of them had worked on the house many years ago.  The home owner was doing well and the house looked great, including a bunch of cats and kittens who greeted us on the deck when we arrived. The work on the agenda for the day included replacing a window in the kitchen. The amazing thing about the new window… that fit perfectly on the first try. For anyone that has ever tried to replace a window, you know it is very rare for a new window to fit in an old hole without any adjustments needed. It was fantastic! In the backyard, we repaired a railing on the steps on the porch and cleared out weeds that were growing on the hillside behind the house that were encroaching on the house. Inside the house, volunteers were able to fix a leaky toilet that will in turn help save on water costs. The other big project for the house it to figure out some electrical issues causing some outlets and switches not too work in part of the house. Today was process of elimination and creating a plan of attack to try and get some of the electrical problems solved.

As a delayed thank you to the volunteers for helping us to move all the supplies up to The Way for the summer, we had a pizza for dinner and our local volunteers brought us pies for dessert. What is not too like about pizza and pies!!!

Reflection tonight centered on the idea of doing unto others as we would like to be treated. A very basic, yet important idea to reflect on. We wrapped up the reflection by sharing our New and Goods for the day.

The window work and yard work, in one shot

Checking the wiring in the attic

How many PVs can you fit into one bathroom?




Part of our kitty welcoming committee

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