Aug 23

Throwback Thursday – Flood Relief 2001

A chain gang or PV Volunteers? While they might not look to happy, the PVs spent countless hours shoveling mud and debris in the summer 2001 following a devastating flood. If I remember correctly, this crew decided they would pretend they were part of a chain gang and gave each other nicknames, and obviously some attitude.

Aug 15

PV Aurora Week Is Coming Quick!

Last year helping with the annual “Hike for Hesed” at Hesed House

The PV Aurora Week is starting in just over 3 weeks, September 9-15th. There is still space if you would like to volunteer for the week, just let us know and we can give you more details. The week will include: a variety service opportunities, community time, lots of laughter and opportunities for personal growth!

We hope you join us!!!

Jul 21

If We Could Look Into Each Other’s Hearts…

If we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care. 

— Marvin J. Ashton

We had a busy morning in PVland…Besides, the usual packing, moving and cleaning that happens at the end of the program, some volunteers went to help with Distribution Day at the Itmann Food Bank while others went to help with Energy Express.  The Food Bank was busy and the volunteers were put to good use as they were at Energy Express.

Since it is the end of the program and all of our dishes are packed away, the community decided to go out to dinner. To make sure we had a leasurily dinner, we had our closing reflection before we left. The final closing reflection is always a little bittersweet. It has been a great summer, we got a lot of work done, had a lot of laughs and enjoyed our time as a community.

Thank you to Made New Church/The Way Youth Center for allowing us to stay with you this past month and to St. Vincent dePaul and all the agencies we work closely with. We wouldn’t be celebrating our 21st year in the county and 45th year as a program without you all!!!

And finally, thank you to all the PVs would took time out of their busy lives to be of service to others. Because of you, lives have changed.  (Stayed tuned for a summary of the summer and for more pictures!)

PVs and a coal train in front of our home

“Hi” from Pies and Pints celebratory dinner

Storms rolling in