Aurora Monday

The PVs spent the day today working on the ramp that is our big project for the week. We got the go ahead from the inspector to continue on after he checked to make sure the holes were deep enough. The majority of the rest of the day was spent installing, securing and leveling all the posts that will be needed to support the ramp. It may sound like a fairly simple project, but it is a really time consuming process. But as usual the PV team worked together well, all lending a hand to do whatever was needed. Tomorrow the framing process will start and the ramp will begin to take shape.

For dinner tonight we enjoyed the fruits of a volunteer’s garden in Iowa and locally (Iowa) made sausage. It was a great meal topped off with delicious brownies.

After the dishes were done and a game of Bananagrams was played, we gathered for reflection. Tonight we reflected on the face of Moses and shared something or someone that we Jesus in today.

PVs putting on their muddy shoes, ready for a day of hard work

It takes a community effort to make sure the posts are just right

The final post being leveled and secured

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