All Systems Go!!!

Even with an inch or so of snow overnight and flurries during the work day, everything was able to go off as planned.  Three volunteers happily made their way to Bailyesville Head Start for a day with the kids. Even though Bailyesville Head Start is not the closest for the group to go, NIU has built a wonderful relationship with the teachers over the past several years and are always eager to go see the teachers and students.

A second group of students went to St. Vincent dePaul in Pineville to help with several projects. Their main focus for the day was to sort through hundreds of envelopes of seed and organized them so they can be distributed at the Food Bank on distribution day. The hope with the seed project is that families will be able to have their own gardens and grow their own produce. After they finished up with the seeds, they did some cleaning in the building.

The third group went to our home repair site in Lynco. Having missed yesterday we were a little worried about being able to finish up before the end of the week, but we made a ton of progress today, framing most of the ramp. Here is a slide show of the progress:

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