A Very Full Day in Aurora

Today was a day for the PV history books. Even though it was a Sunday, it was technically the third day of the service week, so actually went on a home repair site! But don’t let me get ahead of myself… We started off the day with a wonderful Mass at St. Rita’s and then come back to prepare for a luncheon at Bruce and Susan’s. They have become friendly with an extended family of people who came to the area from Africa as refugees. We shared a wonderful lunch together (all 30 of us!!!) and shared in fellowship and song.

In the early afternoon we got a head start on the big project for the week, the wheelchair ramp. Because we are in the city limits of Aurora we will be following all the permit and code laws that are asked of us, and this included having to have all 16 of our posts 4 feet underground. Today we dug….. We rented an auger to help drill the deep holes, but there was plenty of human power needed to both run the auger and remove the loose dirt from the holes. It was hot and sweaty work, but it was made all the more enjoyable working alongside the family. At one point the ice cream man came down the street and the home owner had him pull into her driveway so she could treat us all to a refreshing snack. It was what we all needed to get refreshed and pushed forward with the job. At about 6:30 we had them all dug and ready for the inspector to check them out in the morning. Now you folks you have been in West Virginia are probably thinking, we usually stop at 4, well this was a strange workday with our big meal at noon and then being at the site from 3-6:30. We always say flexibility is an important part of being a PV : )  There are a lot of tired and sore PVs tonight in Aurora.

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