The Final Word is Love

“The final word is love” is a quote from Dorothy Day and such a basic but important sentiment that we can all follow.  Tonight we watch Entertaining Angels, the Dorothy Day Story to be inspired by her words and more importantly her actions in being of service to those in need.

In an attempt to love, we spent the day at sites helping two different families. At one site we were helping an older couple finish up a bathroom that had been left unfinished for a bit. Talk about lots of little jobs! Today the volunteers finished up a part of the tiling that still needed to be done, sanded and mudded the walls in preparation to paint and begun to place the sink cabinet and mirror. The couple were very generous and supplied the lunch for the volunteers and they sat down and ate with them. We will go back tomorrow to finish everything up.

The other site was was working for a refuge family. The family asked if we would help them paint several rooms inside their house. With the great PV crew there today, lots was done. We were changing some wall from a bright green to a light grey and others from a deep purple to a darker grey. It is amazing how much bigger and brighter the house is already looking.

After a hard days work we were looking forward to a good meal. We decided to cook hamburgers out on the grill. They were served with fried potatoes and eggplant all from one of our volunteer’s Iowa garden.

Knowing we were going to be watching the Dorothy Day movie, reflection was inspired by her. We were asked to share something we have observed that is almost too big and overwhelming to wrap our heads around and feel like we can do something to help and then to share something that smaller and we were able to make an impact with, much like Dorothy Day.

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