Walking for Dignity

We kicked off the PV Aurora Week helping with Hesed House’s annual fundraiser Hike for Hesed. A dedicated few got up really early to head to the site to help with final setup. There has been so rains over the past few days and part of the planned path was flooded over so the route had to be changed. The PVs were assigned parts out on the trail to help guide and encourage the participants on their walk. It was a lot of fun and ended up being a successful day for Hesed House. A lot of people will be helped with the monies raised.

In the evening we gathered for our commissioning service to officially kick off the week. Following a true community dinner (everyone had a part in chopping) we watched a movie called The Public about a group of homeless that seek out shelter in Cincinnati’s Public Library. We all enjoyed it and highly recommend it. It is available on most digital platforms.

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