Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.  – Simone Weil

We had another great day working in the beautiful mountains of wild, wonderful West Virginia. Great progress was made at the porch site in Stephensen. The decking is done, the steps are installed and the rafters are put up for the roof. The group was blessed with an overcast day for most of the day keep the heat a little in check.

Work also continued at the bathroom site in Alpoca Bottom. The volunteers were able to install shower walls to an area that previous was covered only by a curtain, a new shower head and begin to cut the underlayment for the floor. We should be able to wrap up this site tomorrow.

A couple of PVs spent their morning at Energy Express in Mullens. Today there was a guest speaker, Ranger Matt and his dog friend, from the Army Corp of Engineers to talk about water safety with the kids. All the kids were also given a bag of goodies. After the talk they went into their groups and made slime and volcanoes. The volunteers had a great time.

We had another great dinner tonight. Pasta with vegetables and breaded eggplant for the vegetarian and a beef and veggie stir-fry for the meat eaters. These dishes were served with a salad and pound cake and berries for dessert. Yummy yummy!

We had a relaxing reflection tonight. Soft music was played and we were led through a series of stretches to ease our sore muscles and then we each shared a new and good from the day.

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