Seeing, Listening, Feeling

Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.  – Alfred Adler

New week, new volunteers. We sadly sad goodbye to last week’s crew on Saturday morning, only to say “hello” to a whole new group on Sunday. Everyone arrived safely and just in time for a welcoming spaghetti dinner, reorientation and commissioning. With travel and so much packed in to a short period of time it was an early night for everyone.

After a good night’s sleep everyone was up early and raring to go this morning. We started the building process at the site in Stephensen where last week the volunteers did some demolition and prepared the area. Because of all their hard work the volunteers were able to jump right in and start building the porch right away. They made great progress today with the frame the posts and the majority of the deck boards.

The other site we had today was in Alpoca Bottom, an area where we have worked previously, but not on this house. We were asked to fix a bathroom floor that was falling in. As with any flooring we weren’t quite sure what we would need until the existing floor was removed. Once that all happened and supplies were able to be delivered, the group made great progress. Besides getting the floor repaired, we were able to fix her toilet. It had been leaking for some time, to the point where she turned the water off to it and had been flushing with a bucket of water to save on her water bill. That small thing will make a huge difference.

For dinner tonight we had a good old fashioned cook-out with brat burgers (thanks Leo!), veggie burgers, beans, pasta salad and green salad. It was all delicious!!

When we gathered for the evening reflection, we were asked to share what sparked our interest in initially getting involved with volunteering and what continues to feed that spark. It is always so interesting to hear what started everyone’s journey as a PV.

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