To Give Real Service

To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money. – Douglas Adams

Today was a busy and productive day for the community of PVs in Wyoming County. A group of volunteers went to help out at Energy Express again this morning. This kids at the program were treated to a basketball team coming in and working with the kids. As a result there was a lot of time spent in the gym running around and in turn tiring out the volunteers : )

We returned to the site in Kopperston to put the finishing touches on the kitchen before moving on to the bedroom. A few years ago a tree fell on the house and damaged the roof and ceiling. The roof was fixed earlier this summer, so we are trying to help patch the ceiling and making the room look like new. The volunteers have been doing a great job at this site all week.

We also returned to the ramp site in Pineville to finish installing the railings and to figure out how to transition the ramp to the driveway the smoothest. After some collective thought and discussion there is a plan!

Today also marked the beginning of a new site in Stephensen, just on the eastern edge of the county. We were asked if we could build a porch and porch roof to replace the existing one that was damaged extensively in a hail storm a few years back.  Before we can do the build however, we had to remove the existing porch.  Since we did have some over head work, we required the volunteers to where hard hats today and am happy to say there were no injuries or mishaps, just some really hot weather. They took down the roof today, while an important first step, it also took any sort of available shade to them. We will continue with the deconstruction tomorrow.

For dinner tonight we had a delicious Chicken and Broccoli dish served over rice and for the vegetarians tuna noodle casserole (thanks Peggy!)  For dessert… brownies : )

Continuing on the theme of reflecting on a word for reflection, tonight we reflected on truth. What is our truth, what is a truth that may have either be enforced or changed by our experiences as a PV.

Another great day in the books!

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