Happy 4th of July

Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.

-Pope John Paul II

We started the day finishing up at the site in Bud. We were only there an hour, but by the time we left the new floor was down and cleaned, and the bedroom ceiling was painted. We had a wonderful time working there, it was a great way to kick off the program.

After a quick stop back at The Way we headed out for an adventure in Fayetteville, “The coolest small town in the country” as the sign says. We first stopped at the New River Gorge Bridge overlook and visitors center and took in the views. After that we went into Fayetteville proper and had lunch at the Cathedral Cafe, a cute locally own breakfast and lunch place that uses locally grown food. Once our bellies were full we headed out for our planned hike that started nearby. We took the Kaymoor Miners Trail that dropped down around 500 feet in a half mile to where the Kaymoor mine shaft was. The mine last operated in the 60’s but many of the structures and the tipple is still in place.  We explored around that area before it was time for our grueling hike back up to the top. You might think at that point that the day was done, but no there is still more. After arriving back at The Way we took showers and rested for a bit before heading into Mullens for their 1st annual 4th of July parade. There were lots of firetrucks and ambulances and a few bike riders and people in convertibles. It was a nice parade and was well attended.

After coming back from the parade we started dinner, which was a typical 4th of July feast. Burgers (again donated by our butcher), baked beans, watermelon, chips…

Since it is a holiday and there wasn’t a ton to reflect on, we didn’t have reflection, but instead watched the movie The Way about one man’s pilgrimage to Spain’s Santiago de Compostela on the Camino trail. It is beautiful movie and since one of the volunteers here just did this pilgrimage in the fall, it added an extra special element hearing about his experience.

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