There Is No Greater Joy

There is no greater job, nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life.  -Mary Rose McGeady

Defying expectations, the crew finished up the ramp in Bud today. We thought it might not be done until the end of week, so we were pleasantly surprised with how quick everything came together. This was truly a joint project between week one and week two PVs and wouldn’t be finished without everyone’s blood, sweat and tears. Tomorrow the group will move inside to finish up those projects.

For dinner tonight we a salad and garlic cheese bread appetizer followed by home made pizza, one with marinara sauce and one with alfredo sauce. As I said before, we are eating well this week : )

Since we have a smaller group and we have to be creative for reflection. The group decided to watch a documentary about the drug problems that are plaguing our country that focuses on the efforts of three women — a fire chief, a judge and a missionary — who are battling West Virginia’s opioid epidemic. The documentary was nominated for an Acadamy Award when it came out and is available on Netflix. After watching we had a nice discussion about the issue. Obviously we did not come up with a solution, but the documentary shared some hope and inspiration to help change the current situation.

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