When You Learn

When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” –Maya Angelou

Week two is officially underway! Volunteers arrived yesterday evening just in time share a meal together. After a quick reorientation we had our official welcome and start to the week with the PV Commissioning Service.

You will notice when you look at pictures from this week that the group is on the smaller side this week, which happens often during fourth of July week. While we may be small in numbers, we make up for in heart and hard work. Evidence of that today in how much was done at the ramp site in Bud. This week’s volunteers took up right where last weeks volunteers ended. This week’s weather looks like it might be a little wet at times, so we decided to focus on the ramp while there is dry weather and if rains move in to the inside and do the work that needs to be completed there. You will see from the pictures that the crew made a ton of progress today getting most of the decking down and starting on the handrails.

Tonight’s dinner was fantastic. One of the volunteer’s that is here loves to cook and planned a menu for 4 of the nights this week. If tonight is any indication we will be having some great meals. Tonight we had grilled pork, grilled asparagus and fried rice. It was delicious and made up for the hour it took to assemble the small, portable grill that we picked up today : )  For dessert we had a strawberry cookie bar, also very good.

Reflection tonight focused on Thomas Merton’s Pilgrims Prayer and how at times in our lives we are like pilgrims and other times we are more like tourists. The general consensus, the more we are like pilgrims the better the outcome.

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