Helping Others

In helping others, we shall help ourselves for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.  -Flora Edwards

Friday’s are always a little bittersweet. The week of volunteering comes to end, there is a good tired that everyone feels. Maybe a little sunburned….Friday’s are also always a little extra busy.

A group went to Energy Express again and helped with reading to the kids and just playing with them. It was great to have PV kids go and join with the local kids for so many days this week. New friendships were formed, lessons were learned and most importantly a lot of fun was had. After lunch, the group joined up with the rest of the PVs at the home repair site.

It was another great day at the site as most of the framing of the ramp is done and some of the decking. The bathroom floor is also all fixed and ready for new tile. It is kind of cool that these volunteers will pass the torch to next week’s volunteers to finish up the job. The PV Community stays connected in so many different ways.

We wrapped up the jobsite a little early both because it was getting really hot and because we wanted to be able to send a group to Glen Rogers Manor and give time for visiting.  There ended up being 38 people who played Banana Bingo with the volunteers. We definitely did not bring enough bananas, who would have know??? Everyone had fun playing and singing the “Bingo” Song.

A couple of volunteers also went to visit the home where they spent their time last summer. They wanted to stop in to say “hi” and just see how she was doing. I don’t know who was happier to see each other : )  Building and maintaining relationships is such a big part of the PVs and visiting is such a great way to do this.

Since it Friday, we had leftovers for dinner. We were able to relive all the wonderful food we had all week. Even after eating there were still leftovers!

Also since it is Friday, after checking in and sharing about the jobsites, we have our closing reflection service. It is a wonderful chance to look back on the week and think of all the wonderful experiences we had and memories that were made.

Thank you to all the volunteers who were with us this week. A extra thank you for helping move and set everything up for the rest of the volunteers this summer. You have left your mark in such a wonderful way.

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