PVs at St. Francis House

Today’s volunteer activity was working at St. Francis House. St. Francis House “is established in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi to be a presence in Seattle to serve those in need and to inspire simplicity and charity in its volunteers and those they serve.” As volunteers we were asked to be present to the people who came in needing assistance with clothing, food, housewares, bus tickets, hygiene products, you name it, St. Francis House tries to help. They are reliant on volunteers to run the organization and it so happened that today a lot of the usual volunteers were not able to come, so the fact that the PVs came, turned out to be very beneficial. Because we were working directly with those coming in, we only have a group photo from the day, but honestly everyone was so busy all day there really wasn’t time for pictures : )

As we were wrapping up and getting ready to leave, the Immigrant and Workers Rights march celebrating May Day came by so we were not able to leave and instead took in the March.

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